Tuesday, February 5, 2008

why my boobies are on etsy

Well today IS mardi gras, so boobies are only appropriate right?

Ok, first I have let you know that I fell down the stairs, while carrying the child, and completely mangled my foot. She is fine. I am in crazy pain. Actually I am feeling no pain because I am on major painkillers, and that is my excuse for what is to follow. When you can, always blame it on the drugs.

I just listed this necklace

and these earrings

on etsy.

It was mostly a dare.
I made these beads more than 3 years ago for a gallery in Pittsburgh. They sold a bunch but went out of business and shipped these back to me. They've just been floating around my studio for years. I don't remember why I stopped making them since they were selling...hmmmm....I have never claimed to be a good business person!

I was thinking about them today because some of us in the ega have been discussing the last two featured sellers on etsy. One was a baker, who had her picture taken in her home kitchen, with Betty Crocker cake mix boxes lined up in the background. We come to find out she is unlicensed and bakes in her home kitchen. Never mind that she uses store bought cake mixes in her "homemade" treats! The only reason this is annoying is that there are SOOOOOOO many amazing bakers & candy makers on etsy they could have chosen, who are licensed and who use their own recipes, why would they choose her? Not that her treats don't look extremely delicious, and if I found any of those buttercream stuffed cookies sitting in front of me it would not even cross my mind to ASK if she were licensed. It just didn't make sense.

Then the new featured seller pops up. She is extremely creative. She is "almost" famous. And she is happy to tell you how fabulous she is. Good for her. But, and trust me when I say I am not a prude, no way no how, BUT this woman sells nesting dolls with nude women glued on them, and she sells nude pictures of herself. Fine. No problem. But do I really want the new customers who I have brought to etsy to see her as a featured seller? Not so much.

Ok, whatever, right?
Well these 2 women have sparked some very funny discussions, and it was mentioned that maybe I could get to be a featured seller if I smeared myself in cake mix and sold the pictures. Ready??

Yes of course that's me!


But from there I started thinking about my boobies...I mean my boobie beads so I went and dug these up, restrung them, and listed them in the shop.

I know they're a little strange. Are they going to sell? Who knows. I think they're funny. I am a weirdo but maybe it'll get me some attention.


thefunkyfelter (a.k.a. Shalana) said...

love your etsy shop, blog, and wonderful creations - even the boobies (hehe!)

Oh, and I've noticed some of the same things about the featured sellers........hmmmmm............
hope your mangled foot heals fast :)

LORiOLA said...

Thank you!
I've been accused of being "jealous" and still being in high school (jeez louise!!).
Maybe I am jealous, but whatev, you know?

Lampwork by Lori said...

A little off topic, but we used to have an album of Herb Alpert with that "whipped cream girl" picture on it when I was little! I was always so embarassed when I saw it! lol!