Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I am such a dork

How limited is my time? Do I not have a two year old who stays home with me, and only takes sporadic naps? Am I not trying to get ready for my spring shows, which by the way start on March 15th and then continue full force until mid May? And right this second isn't Isabel asleep for the night? Doesn't that mean I should be on the torch making hearts and bones and other things like a mad woman??


I had to be introduced to icanhascheezburger. I know, this site is huge (supposedly it has 9 MILLION page views a month) and you probably already love it or hate it, but I'm warning you, if you have not seen it yet, and if you have any affection at all for cats, DO NOT GO THERE if you don't have hours and hours to waste. Hours you will not ever get back.

And me, being the owner of the world's most bizarre and spoiled cats just had to create my own "lolz" which now of course must be voted one and I have to go bug all of my friends, acquaintances, customers (most who are also friends), people I know from various forums and blogs....EVERYONE please please please vote for my very fat cat. She needs to be famous.

Her name is Zoe Bella. She is very pretty, and just a smidge overweight.
funny pictures
PLEASE vote for her HERE.

If she gets lots of votes I can get back to work ;)
Oh, and in the real picture I have not chopped off the top of her head.

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Amanda said...

I can rubz big white cat belly?

I love this post!