Sunday, February 17, 2008

no name

When my sister Erica was born, and anyone asked my Dad what his new daughter's name was he told them "Nonami". This was in New England in 1971 and people would give him a funny look and say, "Naomi?". No, he'd say, Nonami. What an interesting name, how do you spell that?, they'd ask. With a straight face he'd say "N-O-N-A-M-E".
Get it? :)
I don't know how long it took him to remember her name.


This pendant is so far removed from what I normally make that I let it sit in my studio for at least a year. I spotted it yesterday and while it doesn't fit with what I'm making right now it was just too beautiful to leave in that disaster area. I feel I should make more, we'll see. And the name? Since I have NO IDEA what to call this I thought Nonami was appropriate.

I wonder what else I'll find in my studio?


Kerry said...

HA! Great story! And cool ooking bead. I love the reaction/noreaction of the dots in the turq and ivory, very cool.

Venbead said...

I say make more! Less edgy but very beautiful. there's a softer side to lori!

LORiOLA said...

no!! lies!! No soft Lori here!