Wednesday, February 6, 2008

my friends are soooo talented

Three of my friends from "back home" (yes yes we've lived in NC for almost 3 years and I need to get over DC) have just opened their own etsy shops. And while it's hard to choose, I thought I'd show off my favorite items from their stores.

fleur de lis choker
I'm a sucker for green, and the way the soft green velvet contrasts with the antiqued turquoise enamel is just scrumptious. Lynda lived next door to us in MD. Sam used to park in front of her house and her dog Oto made Sam late to work almost every day.


Bishops Garden at the National Cathedral, Washington DC - Framed Photographic Print
I love this image. My Dad absolutely adored Cherie. When he would visit me at The Eastern Market he would always stop by Cherie's booth to chat (and maybe flirt just a little!) and he almost always bought something from her. When he passed away my Mom kept some and I got the rest. Every time I see her work I want more.


sterling silver/recycled aluminum cutouts pendant
I am also a sucker for pink. When I was pregnant I was so excited to find out we were having a girl so I could paint her room pink. Sam was excited too because if we were having a boy I was going to paint our bedroom pink. I'm going to save the "Jimmy Mann" stories for another day. He deserves his own post...or two...or three.....

Will you go show my friends some love? Will you tell them I sent you?
Now that we're all on etsy it's almost if I'm back in DC.

I'm such a sap.

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