Monday, January 14, 2008

new on etsy

"cupcake love"

Curious how I decided to stick a cupcake on top of a heart? Ready??
I've made exactly 1 million stitched hearts in the last few days (YES! REALLY! 1 million hearts) and while I have more to make, and orders to fill (sorry if you're waiting for something from me, it's coming soon I promise!) I seem to ALWAYS come up with new ideas when I really really need to be making other things.

Before I forget, you need to know that my laptop is attached to my hip. It's another thing I have a problem with (problem things also include etsy, and marshmallows), but I have to have the computer near me at all times. When I lampwork I listen to WOXY vintage, being old and all....I've found that I need to listen to 80's music almost all the time. It's sad. So ANYWAYS, since I also have the obsession problem with etsy I often have the front page pulled up and when I was on heart #999,999 they had a whole page of things with birds. Swallows, crows, etc. And I thought "bird love"!, how funny would it be to stick a bird on top of a heart. And THEN, because I lived in DC for so long, "bird love" lead to "cakelove", but I didn't think a cake would fit on top of the heart, so of COURSE that lead to "cupcake love". Funny right?

And oh yeah...tomorrow is my birthday.

Told ya I was old.

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atomic mama said...

Hey, Happy Birthday! Hope it's a blast! Cool blog - what a fun New Year's surprise. And your latest work rocks, as usual... congrats!