Tuesday, January 1, 2008

hidden treasure

It's really funny to me how things come about. Here's how moving a tv lead me to hidden treasure.

I designed the bezel for this piece almost two years ago. The sample the company sent me was perfect so I ordered two different sizes. I spent a ton of money, and when they came I hated them. The beads didn't fit right, I hated how they were finished, they're too heavy for the chain I use, and I couldn't give them away. $1600 down the drain. Into the cabinet they went.

Here's where the tv comes into the story. I swore I wouldn't put a tv in my 2 y/o's playroom. So what happened? The family room was always a mess of toys and she rarely played in the beautiful playroom, that used to be my beautiful glass studio (alright, yes, it was a total disaster but I did have floor to ceiling windows and skylights and a nice brick floor) until I moved into the tiny dining room (where I am now destroying the original hardwood floors with flying pieces of glass) so she could have the beautiful playroom. hummph. Ok, I give in. TV is now in the playroom.

But you know that moving the tv doesn't just mean moving the tv.

First of all, when we moved my studio into the dining room we had to move the dining room table into the living room, which might sound odd but it actually finished the room. Although it did displace two newly reupholstered antique armchairs. We just pushed them into the corners and they've been deluxe kitty beds ever since. So now I decide that those two chairs need to come down into the family room. Which means we need to move the tv cabinet that was in the family into the den where the other tv has been sitting bachelor-style on top of two giant, ugly speakers. It was a good look, let me tell you.

And oh yeah, that means we have to move the PIANO into the family room.

Ok, two big armchairs downstairs, move the couch to where the tv table was, move the tv table to the den, move the piano from the den into the family room. Now we can move the tv into the playroom, right? NO! Now there are two big cabinets still on top of the cabinet where the tv needs to go. Ok, lets empty those cabinets and move them into the dining room..ooops I mean my glass studio.

And that's where I found the bezels. Remember those?? They're tarnished, looking rough....reminds me of the $ I spent....but wait!! What if I oxidize them like I've been oxidizing my dirty silver chain, and string them on the heavy gunmetal chain I've started using. Hmmmmm......let's see.......


I listed the one on the left on etsy. It sold in two hours. Then I listed the top one. Took six hours to sell. Wow.

I'll be listing a few more to see if this was a fluke or if they'll really sell.

Don't you think you should go clean out that drawer now???


Michael Dean AKA Protege said...

Lori! If you can keep posting blogs as entertaining as this one, you will have tons of readers!

I don't know the price on these, let me know. I can't do it now, but I would love to reserve one if possible.

They are beautiful!

LORiOLA said...

Thanks Michael!
These 2 sold for $75 each.
I was actually thinking about you when I saw these oxidized since I think they'd be great for men too.

I have smaller ones coming soon ;)

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Great blog Lori! I'll be back often.

Lis said...

THAT is gorgeous.

Amy said...

I love them & your blog too! I'm adding you to my blog :)