Friday, January 11, 2008

all mysteries have been revealed

Today I FINALLY got to take a silver smithing class. It's so much fun! And so much work!!

Who'd have thought it would take SEVEN HOURS to make one little no, I will not be making these for sale any time soon, but I do have plans. Oh yes.....there are wheels a'turning in my tired little mind....just you wait...

You can't really see how incredibly cool this ring is from my awful pictures, but I stamped the top and bottom with random numbers, and stamped the inside with *seemingly* random letters. If you look closely you'll see I've spelled ISABEL. I figured since she's sure to steal all of my jewelry at some point I might as well just make it for her now.

I took the class from the amazing Lillian Jones, go look at her work RIGHT NOW!!! If you live in NC I highly recommend taking one of her classes.

And then, when I got home, totally out of the blue there were a bunch of orders for the stitched heart from etsy. Hmmmm....what's up?? After searching around I found out it's currently featured in a storque (etsy's blog) article called "A Very Jaded Valentine's Day". And now it's on the front page!!

This is kind of a big deal because it means that every person who visits etsy while it's featured will see my heart. It's the best free advertising for my shop EVER.

What a fun day.

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Amy said...

ohh i love it!!! great job!!!