Sunday, September 21, 2008

oh the insanity

mmmmmm...where to begin??
So last post I said I was getting ready for a show in Bethany Beach, DE.
Canceled, due to hurricane.
No problem, I had actually double-booked shows that weekend so I went to Sugarloaf in Manassas, VA instead. Which I knew would be a giant mistake but I went anyway.
Let's just say that LORiOLA is not the Sugarloaf aesthetic.
By any stretch of the imagination.
And Saturday was canceled because of the hurricane.

I have NEVER lost money at a show before. I guess it needed to happen sooner or later, let's just hope this is the LAST time, ok??

To make up for Saturday being canceled the Sugarloaf people are giving us a free show in the spring, which is actually unheard of, and extremely generous. Problem is I hadn't wanted to do any more of their shows. EVER.

Now stupidly, back in March when I was super excited to be doing Sugarloaf shows I prepaid for 4. After the first 2 this past spring I realized I had made a mistake. Unfortunately once you pay you're SOL, that's why I booked a better show for the same weekend as Manassas. I have one more paid for Sugarloaf, Oct 12, 13 & 14 in Gaithersburg, then maybe one in the spring. We'll see. Even for free I'm afraid I'll lose money.

You know what else is crazy?? I have a show the weekend before Sugarloaf in Alexandria, VA called Art on the Avenue which I absolutely love but it means that on Friday Oct 5 I will be driving 5 hrs to VA, setting up at 7am Sat morning, selling all day (hopefully!!) then packing and driving 5+ hrs home Sat night BECAUSE the following Thursday I have to drive to 5.5 hrs to MD to set up for Sugarloaf. OMG. What was I thinking???!!!

Basically in the next week and half I have to make enough inventory for 4 days of selling.


And the absolute weirdest thing that happens when I am this stressed and trying to make as many beads as I possibly can, is that new designs happen! And instead of making things that I know will sell (hearts, cupcakes, etc) I'm spending precious time developing something new.
This happens EVERY TIME.


Will you let me know what you think? I think they're super cute, but I am also slightly crazed right now.


Michelle said...

I love them..they are very cute

Laura said...

I am looking away. Seeing such cuteness threatens to destroy the budget.

Nonie said...

Those little birds are the most adorable things. Love them!