Thursday, April 10, 2008

careful what you wish for

This past weekend I did a 3 day craft show that I was very excited to do. It's a show my family used to travel 3 hours to shop every year, and it was really the first time I understood that it was possible to make a living as an artist. We'd park in the field, often slogging through the mud, making our way past the RVs, buses, and vans, and I'd think about how exciting it would be to travel around the country selling my art. Doesn't matter that I had no idea what I'd sell, I just thought it was the thing for me.

Let me say this,

Setting up in an open barn, with dirt floors, when it is 48 and raining, ESPECIALLY when LIES and says it will be in the 60s all weekend so you don't pack anything warm, is miserable to begin with. But when the show planners do such a bad job of setting up the show that you are in the middle of FIVE empty spots you know something is wrong.

The first day I should have done a better job of counting how many women where wearing lighthouse sweatshirts. I'm sure my mom owns one...but that is NOT my audience. I think I confused a lot of people ;)
Saturday was better and I met a bunch of great people and the weather was much more enjoyable. Sunday, back to 48 and raining. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

I know the economy is bad. I know it's hard to get people out when it's raining. I know I am a great big complainer, but what a let down. Keep your fingers crossed that the next 3 shows I have go a little better than this one.

Or I may have to come live on your couch!

April 25, 26, 27 SUGARLOAF, Timonium, MD


Michelle said...

love the hot pink booth! Wish I was in the area and could come see you!

LORiOLA said...

thanks Michelle!!
Wait until you see pics of the next booth. I'm adding cerise curtains & bright lime rugs.
hee hee ;)

Anonymous said...

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